Ways to Thank Your Employees

Ways to Thank Your Employees

We all know that showing appreciation to our employees is important. As leaders, showing appreciation can really motivate individuals and can build long lasting, loyal employees. I know you probably have read all the articles about the power of appreciation for leaders and the benefits of showing your appreciation. But what are some ways we can show your appreciation to employees.

Ways to show appreciation

  • Celebrate your successes! I meet with my whole team mid-quarter and at quarter boundaries to come up with quarterly goals. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the prior quarters work and thank the whole the team for their hard work.
  • Bring in food treats for the team. Even the most apathetic workers will smile when they see scrumptious cupcakes or pizza arrive.
  • Take the time to personally say “Thank You”.  Thanking someone in person for staying late or making a personal sacrifice will go a long way towards securing their commitment to you and the team.
  • Create a Thank You Wall. Post any Thank You’s that a person receives. A public Thank You Wall provides an instant look for all your Thank You’s and provides a visual motivator to others.
  • Send a hand written personalized note. In today’s technology world, a written note can stand out as something special. Congratulate your employee for a recent accomplishment or recognize a special occasion like their job anniversary.
  • Thank someone publicly at a meeting. A meeting is a great opportunity to thank someone or people for their work. I believe public recognition has a stronger impact in most cases than private recognition.
  • Invite them to have coffee or lunch with you. Please don’t feel you always have to pay for their lunch either. Most of your subordinates will just appreciate the one on one time with you.
  • You don’t have to wait for an “official” team outing. If the team has been working really hard, pulling long hours, or they have accomplished something significant, take the team out…but you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Find free events near you or create an event yourself:
    • Lunch and a movie: find a conference room with a projector or TV and watch a movie and have lunch together.
    • Game night – bring in your favorite board game and have a game night
    • Check free events that might be happening in your city
  • If you are crafty, make them something as a thank you.  I had a manager who was really good with creating cards and she would create a personalized thank you card. It’s OK to put a little of yourself in the thank you. The more personalized the thank you the greater the impact.


Alden Mallare

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