alden-circle-picWelcome to Musing Mashup. My name is Alden and I’m the creator of Musing Mashup. You may be wondering what Musing Mashup is. Musing, defined by Dictionary.com, is to think, to ponder, to deliberate or to contemplate. A mashup is a collection or combination. So, musing mashup is a collection or combination of thoughts.

I wanted to create a site where I can share my thoughts on software development, testing, and Agile processes. I have over 15 years of software development and testing experience. I’ve been fortunate to be in various roles. I’ve started out as a software developer using Visual Basic and eventually became a lead developer in a small psychological assessments company. I joined a larger company which I had various positions such as a project manager, lead software tester, principle test architect and software development manager.

During my software development journey, I have realized how much I love to break things and find things that were broken. I realized that I enjoyed software testing and I love to work with development to find issues and work with them to fix the “bugs”. However, I did discover that a part of me still loved to develop software – to code. Software development to me was like giving birth to something new and testing was making sure that the new birth behaved itself in the real world. While I worked for the small psychological assessments company, I had an opportunity to work with Silk Test. Silk Test is a test automation tool that allowed you to automate your test cases. After Silk Test, I started to use QuickTest Professional (QTP). Today, QTP is an HP product and it is a widely used and popular product in the test automation market. I was instantly hooked on test automation. It combined my 2 software obsessions: software testing and software development. Today, I still test with HP QTP but I also have experience in other test automation tools such as Specflow, CodedUI and Skilui. I also consider myself as an Agile Evangelist. I believe in the Agile process and thinking. I have seen the transformation it can be bring to small and large organizations.

I created this blog to share my software development, testing and Agile experience and to write it in a fashion where anyone can understand (hopefully).

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope, when you leave here, you have learned a little bit more.


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